Monday, 7 May 2012

Find your horse

I can see a trend!
Cowboy/girl Style

I am in love with the thought of a cowboy/girl style revival. Don’t get me wrong I am not talking full on stirrups and braces but an ode to the little stables that set the style apart. What I am obsessing about is the bootlace tie / Bolo tie

I am particularly in love with the thought of a white Singlet with one of these fab ties below It adds such a cool edge.

So your next question would be where on earth I get these from! My lovely friend Chloe diligently searched through all that eBay had to offer and found a beautiful one with the most amazing turquoise stone. It was such an original find and really made her outfit stand out of the crowd. You could search your local op shops but for me eBay is the way to go, and there is always the chance of that elusive 99cent find

So find your inner cowgirl and hop on this emerging trend

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